2018 MCC Community Leadership Award


Liane receives 2018 MCC Leadership award

On May 26th 2018 at the annual MCC Awards Gala, Liane was awarded the Community Leadership award for her work with recovering and at-risk women. 

About me

Before finding recovery on May 1st, 2014, my life was just a series of dramatic situations that got worse and worse as my drug addiction took over every aspect of my life. And for 35 years my life consisted of drug use and criminal activity. 

Like all of us, some amazing things happened while I was sleepwalking the planet under the burden of my addictions: I managed to have four wonderful children, am a grandmother to a precocious teenager, and a toddler, and I am a living example that life without drugs is possible. Yet like all our stories, mine has had its fair share of heartbreak and tragedy.

My memoir is now published and it can be used as a reference for people who want to know how I became an addict and criminal, how it eventually became too much, how I crashed and burned several times, how my life is now without drugs/alcohol and how I’ve re-integrated into society. Once people realize how far gone I was, to what lengths I was going to get high and where I am today, they will also realize that it is never too late and that anyone can stop using drugs, no matter what.      

My newfound freedom and clarity of mind have enabled me to refocus my energies and establish goals that would have been impossible only a few short years ago. This is the essence of my new project: Maison/LI-BER-T/House, a house for women in transition, either from jail or rehab, who need a safe place to live and learn, while getting their lives back on track. Though there are many such facilities for men, this is a very important service that is not readily available to women in and around the Montreal area.