Seven Times Rise


A memoir by Liane Berry

Liane Berry’s life as a drug user began when she was twelve years old and developed into full-blown addiction by the time she was nineteen.

Between the ages of nineteen and forty-seven, drugs were her life, and how to get them, her only ambition. Rising from the depths of despair, overcoming the unimaginable, Liane discovers that it is never too late to change, to embrace sobriety, and to regain freedom, joy, and a sense of meaning. 

This ruthlessly honest memoir challenges our perceptions of addicts and criminals, and speaks for the millions whose voices are all too often excluded from the mainstream.

A percentage of the book sales will be donated to LI-BER-T House,  Liane's upcoming  project: transitional housing, mentoring and life skills training for women being released from prison or rehab.


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