Since May 1st, 2014 - my clean date as they say in recovery - there have been so many positive changes in my life that it is impossible to list them all. However, some obvious and significant ones are:  

  1. I wake up with a clear head every morning and have no urge to get high (or numb myself in any way)
  2. I have been gainfully employed since October 2014 and I have paid taxes each year (in the past I was always receiving handouts at tax time)
  3. I have not been arrested or charged with any crime since April 30th, 2014 (I averaged almost 3 per year before becoming abstinent)
  4. I am no longer broke and broken and can buy groceries, pay my rent and bills, buy gas for my car (I ran out of gas many times in the past) and take care of other necessities while working at just above minimum wage
  5. My life is simple without chaos and insanity and I no longer live in fear of arrest, death or violence due to drugs
  6. I am a member of 12 step fellowships around Montreal and attend meetings regularly (4 or more times a week)
  7. I am a volunteer at the local YMCA and within my fellowship groups
  8. When circumstances arise, pleasant or otherwise, I do not impulsively jump up and run with my first thought, and when I have emotional pain drugs are no longer the solution
  9. I have rebuilt relationships with family and friends that many would have believed were destroyed beyond repair due to my addictive lifestyle and the burdens I placed on them
  10. I have lived happily for years without any mind or mood altering substance